GPL Fashion agenzia di rappresentanza

A fashion that doesn’t reach the streets is not fashion.

Coco Chanel

GPL Fashion MILANO is a clothing agency that has been operating for over 30 years in the Northern Italian market with a high propensity for the Luxury & Fashion segment.

The strong determination of the GPL Fashion team and the organizational capacity of the founding partner, Giovanni Lironi, have led the agency to reach important goals.

Each season an average of 350 clients are managed with 800 orders, operating both as a representative agency and as distributors.

A young and dynamic team, structured to support companies and customers also in the after-sales:

  • Back Office
  • b2b
  • Customer Service
  • Credit Dept.


GPL Fashion MILANO like clothing agency works with all the best boutiques, multi-brand and concept stores, covering the whole Northern Italy.

Operates in the Tortona Fashion District at its headquarters:

  • Woman, Man and Kids Head Office, complexes of Via Savona, 97 Milan, Multibrand spaces entirely dedicated to Women, Men and Kids collections;

And the executive showrooms:

  • Via Stendhal, 34 Milan Brave Kid O.T.B. group international Showroom;
  • Tortona, 37 Milan Essedi Spa international Showroom.

GPL Fashion agenzia di rappresentanza area distribuzione


  1. Lombardia
  2. Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta
  3. Liguria
  4. Triveneto
  5. Emilia Romagna